Nuestros Chicos | Delivery conditions
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ur puppies are delivered from 10-12 weeks depending on their vaccination schedule and the country of destination family.


With passport to name of their new owner that includes all vaccines and anti-paraite treatment signed and sealed by our veterinarian and with a good health certificate signed and stamped by our veterinarian after to have the puppy a complete review before delivery.


For dogs sold as pet (not for breeding and not for show) The pedigree will be processed in the name of their new owner if ithey so wishes, when the pet has been sterilized and we have know sterilization through a signed certificate and stamped by the corresponding collegiate veterinarian. The sterilization will have to be done no later than the first year of life of the animal.


Futher to the delivery of the dog, we are at the new owner’s disposal whenever they would have any question or doubt concerning either education or care.
The value of our dogs corresponds to the way they are treated, with all our dedication 24h a day from birth untill the delivery moment.


“Nuestros Chicos” never sends puppies through a parcel service (it is a matter of living animals not parcels!) It is more than proved that a long trip (several hours or even days), is very harmful to a puppy being alone, far from his mother and brothers, on the way to his new home.


There are notable differences mainly in the first days of his arrival, between a puppy having travelled alone and another one having travelled with the tenderness, care and loveliness of the new owners.


30% of the total value of the puppy will be paid in advance for the reservation.


It will be confirmed only once the future owners are convinced and aware of what they really want (Unfortunately, as a rule, we cannot offer any refund)
NUESTROS CHICOS reserves the right to cancel the reservation of the puppy whenever any fault would be detected among the future owner, and have the slightest suspicion that the puppy will not be cared for, treated and loved in the same way that it is here. Our puppies are not sold under any circumstances to people who have them caged, exploited or mistreated.


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