Nuestros Chicos | History
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WWhen my husband and my self had our first dog, we found out how much his love meant to us and this is why we decided to start a canine family. Dogs fill out our lives and our heart.


A special Border Collie, called Blas, was the first one. We have to be grateful to him for all the knowledge we acquired on the world of dogs.After him came Epi, another Border Collie who taught us the best of this breed.


Coco and Elmo would arrive later, our first Maltese. They finished captivating us and falling in love, but from the moment we met the KOREAN MALTESE, our lives changed forever! Those doll faces, those big eyes and short nose in that little body finished stealing us the heart. They form our family and share every minute of the day with us.


We have been raising balanced, healthy and happy puppies for more than a decade.


They present the beauty of an exposition Maltese, the balanced and affectionate personality desired in every pet and the small size always looked for by their futureowners, meeting the AKC standards


The weight and size of our dogs are in accordance with their natural genetics and they come from renowned affixes guaranteed by many years of experience in both their bringing up and selection. Our wish is to reach as possible to achieve the harmony between beauty, balance and size in our dogs.


We wish you to be filled with love and joy from our puppies as well as with their loyalty and nobility.


All our puppies are offspring of Maltese owned by “Nuestros Chicos” and they are born and brought up at our home.


Nuestros Chicos Malteses