Nuestros Chicos | Healthcare
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Healthcare is vital for “Nuestros Chicos” especially among mothers and puppies.


The gestation of our dogs is followed with conscientiousness by our vet. Pregnancy smooth running is controlled with two ultrasounds,


whereas the first confirms the state of pregnancy and the number of puppies, the second is realized few days before birth with an x rays that helps us prepare the birth and confirms us the numbers of dogs, their size, position, heart rate, dilatation and pelvic measurement in order to control those possible problems.Our dogs are fed with high quality products insisting on the care of mothers and puppies that receive alimentary natural complements.


Healthcare is above all taken with puppies. They all receive deworming in due time and all vaccines (at 6 weeks parvovirus canine and at 8 weeks parvovirus canine, distemper, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and canine viral hepatitis). They are delivered with a micro ship and a health certificate made by our personal vet.


Healthcare among our puppies is vital and we don?t hesitate in investing in that sense as far as time and money is concerned.


Luckily we work with a team of vets who performs in modern premises with high tech equipment, headed by one of the best vets in Europe. We would like to congratulate their dedication and professionalism.


Our mothers use to rest at least during a whole period between each birth. We consider that making them give birth at every period is something unbearable that should be legally punished as we consider that it is a king of an exploitation.


When our mothers don’t procreate anymore we do not sale them or worst, offer them! Before being mothers, they are living beings that belong to our family and our heart.


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